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We are Tired Gamers

A not-so sophisticated game community for passionate, but busy, gamers.

Built for lifelong gamers who now have careers, families, and competing responsibilities. We love games, but we don’t have the time to master the latest battle royale or max-level a character in an MMO. This is our oasis of like minded players coming together for the love of games, to play when we can.

Recent  Articles

Tired Gamers News – The Golden Joystick Awards Crowns Hades the Best Indie Game

The Golden Joystick Awards has crowned Hades the best indie game and we’re here for it!

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Tired Gamers News – Unfold Games Indie Competition

With our indie game relaunch scholarship blasting off, we’re excited to see more companies supporting indie games and developers! Unfold Games, the studio behind the hit indie game DARQ is offering a whopping $170,000 in prizes during their new indie competition. 

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Tired Gamers News – Our Re-Launch Scholarship Has a Winner

There are so many awesome indie games that get buried among the constant release of games. The Tired Gamers Re-Launch Scholarship is our attempt to give an indie game a second chance at a launch!

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