Tired Gamers Charity Program

Raising money for charity can be tough. We understand and appreciate the effort to make the world a better place. For that very reason, we’re giving away prizes to those who stream and raise money for charity. We hope this inspires more creators to support worthwhile causes!

Join any streaming event from one of the following charities and claim from numerous rewards.

Featured charities:

  1. Sign up for a fundraising event or create your own (through Tiltify).
  2. Raise some money!
  3. Send your VOD and Tiltify to our charity manager.
  4. Wait (maybe brew a cup of coffee).
  5. Get your reward!

Rewards List for the Tier List Rewards Program

$50 = 1 month of Game Pass or Crunchyroll
$100 = T-shirt
$250 = Hoodie
$500 = 8bitdo Controller
$1000 = Elgato Stream Deck