UO Outlands is an Ultima Online free-server known for its massive scope of custom content–world maps and dungeons, PvM systems, crafting systems, and more–as well as its frequent update and content release schedule. The Original Pranksters are a guild within that community.

Learn more about UO Outlands and how to join their server at their website.

About The Original Pranksters

The Original Pranksters, or O|P for short, are a tight-knit group of players in the Tired Gamers spirit. The majority of our members are adults with careers and families. We love to game, but have to balance that playtime with other responsibilities, so when we do play we want to do so with players who are welcoming, friendly, and understanding of what life is like when you’re a tired gamer.

Even if you don’t want to join the guild, if you’re new to Outlands and want help getting started, join our Discord. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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O|P and Space Communism

The success of our guild hinges on three key ideas:

  1. Be active and friendly in voice chat. You are not obligated to be an extrovert, but voice communication makes it easier for us to manage dungeon crawls and to keep guild members engaged with our community.

  2. Share key resources. You are not obligated to dump all of your loot into the guild, but we ask that members periodically restock the shelf and openly share aspect cores, aspect extracts, and treasure maps with the guild for the purposes of making it easier for everyone to level up while also making it easier for us to help new players.

  3. Make Outlands welcoming for new players. Yes, some of our members PK and other members steal, but if a player is clearly new our efforts in-game and on Discord are aimed to helping those players learn the server and get established. Full guild rules are available in the Tired Gamers Discord channel. Note: Tired Gamers has no formal relationship with UO Outlands beyond being a player community on the server and claims no ownership over any Outlands assets or content.


The Original Pranksters