Welcome to Tired Gamers

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Hello, friends. This is a project that has been on my mind for more than a decade, and I’m excited that we are finally taking it live. There are still some rough edges and a good bit of construction happening on the site, but we’re out here. And we’re doing this.

Tired Gamers aspires to be a refuge for a certain type of gamer.

A tired gamer is someone who is just as passionate about gaming as any other player out there, but we don’t have the time to dedicate to gaming that we used to. Where I used to pack my basement with 16 people and more CRT televisions than was safe for any single power outlet, I now have a wife and pets and a career. My friends still love gaming too, but they also lead busy lives and can’t be the hardcore players they used to be.

While it’s never been a better time to be a gamer, the state of online gaming is busier than ever, which makes it harder for tired gamers to find where they fit. For me, I found myself logging into modern iterations of Halo or other competitive titles like Overwatch and Counter Strike, and I would get obliterated.

My one free hour in the evening would be spent waiting to respawn while my randomly assigned teammates complained about how bad I was (and I was bad). I didn’t have the time to practice to be good enough to enjoy the game, so I gave up and focused on single player indie games instead.

Now, as I’ve met more people like me, I’m finding more joy in competitive games with other casual players, I’m spending more time playing some of the great recent co-op releases, and I have people to talk to about trends in gaming.

I was fortunate to find my people, but I know there are probably thousands of tired gamers out there who feel just as frustrated as I did. Everyone deserves to enjoy gaming, and I hope Tired Gaming becomes that refuge for more people who need it.

In that spirit, we are:

  • Hosting regularly scheduled community game sessions in our Discord
  • Our Discord also features a “find a buddy” channel so that you can post a game you want to play and make a new friend
  • Analyzing indie game design and indie game news on our YouTube channel
  • Supporting new creators with game keys and our new but growing platform

I’m looking forward to gaming with you too.


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