Shovel Knight Retrospective Episode 5: Speedruns with Smaugy

World record holding Shovel Knight speedrunner joins us for the final Shovel Knight episode for a new perspective on gameplay mechanics.

Shovel Knight Retrospective Episode 4: Narrative Design and Art Direction

Shovel Knight is a fantastic example of how art and narrative can be used to enhance the action of a game without pulling the player away from the core mechanics that make a platformer engaging.

Shovel Knight Retrospective Episode 3: Progression and Power-Ups

Progression is a powerful tool in game design, but it requires a careful balance between challenge and reward.

Shovel Knight Retrospective Episode 2: World and Level Structure

Platformers moving from left to right is nothing new in game design, but Shovel Knight takes this classic idea and uses it to deliver a deeper experience.

Shovel Knight Retrospective Episode 1: The Downward Thrust

Shovel Knight is filled with elegant game designs, some of which are clear to the player and others of which are so well done that they are invisible.

Coming Soon: Shovel Knight Game Design Analysis

The first full season of our indie game analysis series will kick off on Friday, Sept. 18.